Tara (age 29) is our Social media guru/Sparkle fairy!  She can chat up the customers, take orders, and learn floral design, all while photo gridding, instagraming and hash tagging (whatever that stuff is!) She started out as one of our favorite customers who hung out and chit chatted while she swept the floors barefoot... Tara has a way with people and seemed to have a knack for staying zen during the stress of floral chaos so obviously she was voted onto the Funky Mountain island!


Brenda (age 29) is the Owner/Queen of Funky Mountain Flowers. Having a passion for adventure and the unknown, she loaded up her dog and her babies and moved from Aspen, Colorado to a place where her kids could learn to talk with a sweet southern drawl. Brenda has 29 yrs. of floral experience and some of her clients have included Steven Spielberg, Cher, and Food & Wine magazine. She new right away that Forsyth County was ready for a different kind of florist, so in keeping with her 'leap of faith' attitude... She did it! (and it worked!!)


Jana (age 29) is "Our girl Friday"/goddess of corsages!  We all love Friday time when we get to catch up with her and see her magical floral designs (since during the week we have to let the CVS Pharmacy have her!)  Jan has 20 plus years in the floral industry and Brenda so enjoys talking FTD tickler, and pick-me-up bouquets with her!  When you meet Jan, don't let her fool you with her quiet reserved demeanor... She is as sharp as a tack with a wit that will have a 20 year old laughing so hard she pees her pants!


Wanda is the director of first impressions at Funky Mountain.  (If  you ever get to see her in person, you will totally understand!) She is a 6 ft. tall blonde with a total hard body.... No, really! Ok, she is a maniquine that Brenda retained custody of in her divorce.  She is the LEAST opinionated, mouthy chick at Funky Mountain, and if you asked any of the men in our life, I think it would be safe to say she would be the easiest to live with! (LOL) In any case, she does love to reinvent herself from time to time and with the help of the fine ladies at E. K. Taylor, she has a hot new style!


Karma is Brenda's 2 year old golden retriever who has stolen the hearts of many customers!  Her stunning beauty, and quirky hippy vibe fits right into Funky Mountain Flowers!  Let it be known that Karma is not a guard dog, or even the sharpest tool in the shed... but she is full of love and heals the souls of many with every wag of her tail...




Funky Mountain Lifestyle

One day she decided to collect all of the sad stories she told about her life and release them into a big bonfire. She sent the sparks and ashes up to the heavens where they were transformed with devine love. She declared the past complete and spread a blanket of love & amnesty over every morsel of her life.  A cheer went up in the heavens and the angels rejoiced.The girl had found her way to her light. And with a giggle and a twirl, she set off for new adventures.





If you have ever been witness to a Funky Mountain Flower arrangement, then you know we are NOT a typical Teleflora/FTD kind of flower shop! Our customers don't pick a number for our designer to copy... We create each of our designs custom to that particular customers needs. The photos below are merely a sample of our past work to spark your imagination. Please feel free to call one of our fun, and talented designers to customize your next piece of floral art. We can't wait to make magic with you!

What I was born to do...

I believe that I was born to make beauty from flowers, twigs, and pebbles. It has been in my blood since I started working in my local flower shop at the age of 14... There is not [...]